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Cam Newton says criticism towards him is not about racism

This is what Cam Newton told GQ when asked if racism had anything to do with the scrutiny that follows him. " It's not racism," Newton said.
" Everybody is entitled to their own opinion."

I personally feel like this is bullsh*t !
Come On CAM !
I know he plays the NFL. He may have to be politically correct but damn, at least admit that you acknowledge that there is some racist people out there that hate you for no reason !
For example, Aaron Rodgers was able to do his discount double check in the end zone and  nobody had a problem. Yet, when Cam Newton did his dab in the end zone white America went Ape Sh*t crazy saying he was embarrassing the team and he was not a good role model for kids.
I know he can't say everything he wants to say but at least acknowledge that racism exists. Just because you refuse to acknowledge racism, that doesn't mean it's not there.

A new Rapper disses Tupac in a song

Just before Tupac's birthday, some idiot decided to make a Tupac diss record. Listen to this guy trying to disrespect the Legend that is Tupac Shakur by saying that Pac was not as real as people thinks he is.

Some Young Rapper talks trash about Tupac, saying he isn't that real.
Listen to the Podcast on The Victor Morrow Show / Goodfellas Report

Top Nixon Aide admits that the Drug war targeted Black People

The Freddie Gray Trial continues to shed light

The cops that killed Freddie Gray have a nick-name for what they did to him. They called it a rough ride. A rough ride is police lingo for teaching someone a lesson.
Prosecutors are saying that during the ride they ran a stop sign, made a sharp right turn while Gray was unbuckled in the back.
These are things that police officers all over America do to young Black Men for fun. A lot of these crooked ass cops, whether White or Black. There are so many police officers that have a very short fuse. Some of them are on steroids and get off on beating up young Black Men. It makes them feel like they are tough guys.
Although the Freddie Gray trial has shed light on police brutality, I feel like there are so many more situations like this that go unreported !
The Police Department was created by the KKK, remember that.
In Washington, DC they still have a statue of Albert Pike, the founder of the KKK and 33rd Degree Mason.
Fuck the Police !  Fuck the KKK !…

Brian Williams speaks on Hiroshima

It seems like Brian Williams maybe putting his career on the line again. The realest news reporter has now spoken the truth about the U.S Military, as far as history is concerned. He said that this is the only nation that has used a nuclear weapon out of anger. This is something that a lot of people tend to ignore.We constantly accuse Iran and other foreign nations of developing nuclear weapons but somehow fail to mention the fact that America is the only Country to use them in the manner of which we did with Hiroshima.

Snoop Dogg is mad about the new Roots Movie

Oh sh*t it seems like Snoop has had enough of White Supremacy. Apparently snoop went off about the new Roots make-over. Snoop said exactly what I have been saying since 12 Years a slave, it seems like some Whites love replaying this part of our history over and over again. The thing that pisses me off is that they never speak on the great accomplishments of our people and the many inventions that White Slave Masters stole from their slaves. No, they never tell that part, it's just beat a nigger, whip a nigger, rape a nigger, kill a nigger and then the movie is over. So yes Snoop is very right in calling them out for constantly reminding us of slavery as if we never accomplished anything !


Here's Snoops actual comments.

"I'm sick of this. ... How the (expletive) they gonna put Roots on Memorial Day?" a subdued Snoop Dogg ask…

Willie D calls out Charles Barkley and Stacey Dash for being Coons

In a new Music video by Willie D, he calls out Charles Barkley, Stacey Dash, Stephen A. Smith  and a few others. The song is called Coon for obvious reasons. Stacey Dash has been a coon to many in the Back community for quite some time. She really caught heat from the Black Community when she said that Black history month doesn't matter and after she made that weird speech at the Oscars.
Barkley, is catching heat for saying that slavery wasn't that bad.
Check out the video for yourself if you haven't already seen it.
....................................................................................................................................................................... Another Willie D interview

Racist Cartoon about Michelle Obama.

A racist cartoon says we need to make the first lady great again. I guess some people believe there is nothing great except it be linked to White America.

Racist Michelle Obama Cartoon Sparks Social Media DebateAn offensive cartoon titled #MakeTheFirstLadyGreatAgain exhibits a photo comparison of Michelle Obama and Melania 

Black voting numbers are down

Despite the many protests and the Black Lives Matter movement, reports show that Black Americans are not hitting the voting booth. Is it because we have already seen a Black President ?
Is it because we don't care anymore ?
I believe a lot of Black people are just tired of the Bull sh*t !  I mean who you gonna vote for Satan or Lucifer ? Either way you get the Devil. [Clinton heckled by Black Lives Matter activists] These activists argued that neither candidate had adequately addressed the issues affecting black communities.

Anti- Pro White Protesters face off with White Power Rally attenders

White supremacists gather at Stone Mountain — Craig Schneider (@Scraigo) April 23, 2016

THOMAS TRACY- New York Daily News Eight people were arrested Saturday after they brawled with police as they tried to get to a “white power” rally in Georgia they hoped to protest, officials said. About thirty “pro-white” rally participants clashed with a group of about 300 counter protestors chanting “Hey hey, ho ho, the KKK has got to go,” during the event inside the park on Saturday morning, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper. Counter protestors fought with police trying to bar them from getting close to the pro-white rally, leading to the eight arrests, officials said.

Viriginia govenor restores the right to vote to Felons

The only time politicians are friendly with Black people is when  it's election time. This is so blatant that they are not even trying to hide that they are just interested in the Black vote and not concerned at all about Black people. The other part of this is the notion that Black people are felons continues the stigma and stereotype of young Black Male equals "THUG".
I wish they showed this type of concern when little Black children go missing and don't even get a mention on the local news.

Read More :

Duke VP called Worker a Nigger : Students continue to Protest

Duke VP Tullman Trask allegedly called a Duke parking attendant a stupid Nigger after hitting her with his car back in August of 2014.
Trask sent an apology note but a week ago nine Protesters, have made it clear that they will not stop the protests until an administrator is fired.

Victor Morrow's Take- I feel like this is just a incident that echos how a lot of people feel about Black People in America. They want to say it but are too afraid of the backlash. When they are angry enough, they will say what they really feel. Tullman Trask feels like this woman was nothing more than a stupid nigger. No need to apologize. You already told us how you really feel.

Read The Article Below

Occupying students have been granted amnesty and will not face administrative retaliation — Ultralima Bean (@ZoroastrianFunk) Apri…

Alabama cop charged in the Shooting death of a unarmed Black Man

I am shocked to even hear that a police officer can be charged for shooting a Black Man anymore. As of late, it seems as if a Cop can just pull up to any Black person he sees and just unload a clip on him. Alabama is one of the most racist states in America. To hear that a cop got charged with the shooting of a Black Man is incredible.

20% of Trump supporters say freeing slaves was a bad idea

Victor Morrow's Take : Here we go again. Donald Trump supporters are so openly racist, this election may actually spark a damn race war. I have come to realize that Trump supporters are really trying to take us back to slave days. The crazy thing about it is  they truly do believe that they just easily put Black people back into slavery. The closer they get to Trump becoming President of the United States, the bolder these racist devils are becoming. This maybe a real situation that sparks some real racial tension in the very near future. Just my thoughts ...................................................................................................................... FROM Donald Trump appears to have high levels of support among the nation’s intolerant population, according to a New York Times deep dive into polling data. The Times found that nearly 20% of Trump supporters did not approve of freeing the slaves, according to a January YouGov/Economist poll that as…

Donald Trump Jr believes slavery was the best thing that happened to African Americans.

If you haven't heard the news, let me be the one to tell you. Brace yourself Black America...
Apparently we have all been lied to. According to White Supremacists, slavery was the best thing that ever happened to Black People. See this is what Racist Whites really think about you. They don't feel sorry for what they did, they feel like they did Black people a favor by enslaving us, raping our women, tearing apart our families, stealing our culture and our entire way of life from us. Donald Trump Jr supports this idea.
Read On..

Donald Trump Jr, the eldest son of the Republican presidential frontrunner and one of his political surrogates, has granted a 20-minute radio interview to a prominent white supremacist who broadcasts what has been dubbed as “the primary radio nexus of hate in America”. The younger Trump will be featured as guest of honor in Saturday’s broadcast of the Political Cesspool, a three-hour program that lists among its objectiv…

Hillary Clinton wins South Carolina with the Black vote

Victor Morrow's Take:
RT reports Hillary Clinton wins South Carolina. She wins with the Black vote in her favor, as Sanders did better with White voters. How fast do Black people forget, she was the one that made those racial comments when she was running against Barrack Obama. Wasn't Bill Clinton that said someone like Obama would have been serving him a cup coffee, just a few years ago.

Clinton wins big South Carolina primary

                                      Bill Clinton when compared Obama to Jesse Jackson

ABC T.V Show brings Racism and Sexism to life

Yep. I have been saying for the longest time that White men in positions of power hire Black Women to use them for political reasons. ABC's  HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER comes out with the truth, giving us a sneak peek into the real thoughts of these White Elite. This is how they use our our women to exploit them.

Check out this script:
Mahoney: My corporate attorneys told me not to hire you, but every judge and lawyer friend I know told me that we would need a woman if we had any chance at winning. And with a jury made up mostly of minorities, a woman of color would be best. So I found you. Turns out, there aren't a lot of women like you out there, which is why I went against my instincts and chose to ignore this. Maybe it'd even make you more sympathetic to the jury, I thought. But now... [ Sighs ] ...Don't give your people a bad name.


Do White people think Black people are intellectually inferior ?

The question is being asked, Do White people feel that Black People are intellectually inferior ?
I for one have seen evidence that suggest White people belittle Black people and try to make seem as if we are some kind of pet instead of a person. Read this Article and the comments that came with it. It's pretty interesting.

Check out this link