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Hillary Clinton wins South Carolina with the Black vote

Victor Morrow's Take:
RT reports Hillary Clinton wins South Carolina. She wins with the Black vote in her favor, as Sanders did better with White voters. How fast do Black people forget, she was the one that made those racial comments when she was running against Barrack Obama. Wasn't Bill Clinton that said someone like Obama would have been serving him a cup coffee, just a few years ago.

Clinton wins big South Carolina primary

                                      Bill Clinton when compared Obama to Jesse Jackson

ABC T.V Show brings Racism and Sexism to life

Yep. I have been saying for the longest time that White men in positions of power hire Black Women to use them for political reasons. ABC's  HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER comes out with the truth, giving us a sneak peek into the real thoughts of these White Elite. This is how they use our our women to exploit them.

Check out this script:
Mahoney: My corporate attorneys told me not to hire you, but every judge and lawyer friend I know told me that we would need a woman if we had any chance at winning. And with a jury made up mostly of minorities, a woman of color would be best. So I found you. Turns out, there aren't a lot of women like you out there, which is why I went against my instincts and chose to ignore this. Maybe it'd even make you more sympathetic to the jury, I thought. But now... [ Sighs ] ...Don't give your people a bad name.


Do White people think Black people are intellectually inferior ?

The question is being asked, Do White people feel that Black People are intellectually inferior ?
I for one have seen evidence that suggest White people belittle Black people and try to make seem as if we are some kind of pet instead of a person. Read this Article and the comments that came with it. It's pretty interesting.

Check out this link