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Alabama cop charged in the Shooting death of a unarmed Black Man

I am shocked to even hear that a police officer can be charged for shooting a Black Man anymore. As of late, it seems as if a Cop can just pull up to any Black person he sees and just unload a clip on him. Alabama is one of the most racist states in America. To hear that a cop got charged with the shooting of a Black Man is incredible.

20% of Trump supporters say freeing slaves was a bad idea

Victor Morrow's Take : Here we go again. Donald Trump supporters are so openly racist, this election may actually spark a damn race war. I have come to realize that Trump supporters are really trying to take us back to slave days. The crazy thing about it is  they truly do believe that they just easily put Black people back into slavery. The closer they get to Trump becoming President of the United States, the bolder these racist devils are becoming. This maybe a real situation that sparks some real racial tension in the very near future. Just my thoughts ...................................................................................................................... FROM Donald Trump appears to have high levels of support among the nation’s intolerant population, according to a New York Times deep dive into polling data. The Times found that nearly 20% of Trump supporters did not approve of freeing the slaves, according to a January YouGov/Economist poll that as…

Donald Trump Jr believes slavery was the best thing that happened to African Americans.

If you haven't heard the news, let me be the one to tell you. Brace yourself Black America...
Apparently we have all been lied to. According to White Supremacists, slavery was the best thing that ever happened to Black People. See this is what Racist Whites really think about you. They don't feel sorry for what they did, they feel like they did Black people a favor by enslaving us, raping our women, tearing apart our families, stealing our culture and our entire way of life from us. Donald Trump Jr supports this idea.
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Donald Trump Jr, the eldest son of the Republican presidential frontrunner and one of his political surrogates, has granted a 20-minute radio interview to a prominent white supremacist who broadcasts what has been dubbed as “the primary radio nexus of hate in America”. The younger Trump will be featured as guest of honor in Saturday’s broadcast of the Political Cesspool, a three-hour program that lists among its objectiv…