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A new Rapper disses Tupac in a song

Just before Tupac's birthday, some idiot decided to make a Tupac diss record. Listen to this guy trying to disrespect the Legend that is Tupac Shakur by saying that Pac was not as real as people thinks he is.

Some Young Rapper talks trash about Tupac, saying he isn't that real.
Listen to the Podcast on The Victor Morrow Show / Goodfellas Report

Top Nixon Aide admits that the Drug war targeted Black People

The Freddie Gray Trial continues to shed light

The cops that killed Freddie Gray have a nick-name for what they did to him. They called it a rough ride. A rough ride is police lingo for teaching someone a lesson.
Prosecutors are saying that during the ride they ran a stop sign, made a sharp right turn while Gray was unbuckled in the back.
These are things that police officers all over America do to young Black Men for fun. A lot of these crooked ass cops, whether White or Black. There are so many police officers that have a very short fuse. Some of them are on steroids and get off on beating up young Black Men. It makes them feel like they are tough guys.
Although the Freddie Gray trial has shed light on police brutality, I feel like there are so many more situations like this that go unreported !
The Police Department was created by the KKK, remember that.
In Washington, DC they still have a statue of Albert Pike, the founder of the KKK and 33rd Degree Mason.
Fuck the Police !  Fuck the KKK !…

Brian Williams speaks on Hiroshima

It seems like Brian Williams maybe putting his career on the line again. The realest news reporter has now spoken the truth about the U.S Military, as far as history is concerned. He said that this is the only nation that has used a nuclear weapon out of anger. This is something that a lot of people tend to ignore.We constantly accuse Iran and other foreign nations of developing nuclear weapons but somehow fail to mention the fact that America is the only Country to use them in the manner of which we did with Hiroshima.