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Cam Newton says criticism towards him is not about racism

This is what Cam Newton told GQ when asked if racism had anything to do with the scrutiny that follows him. " It's not racism," Newton said.
" Everybody is entitled to their own opinion."

I personally feel like this is bullsh*t !
Come On CAM !
I know he plays the NFL. He may have to be politically correct but damn, at least admit that you acknowledge that there is some racist people out there that hate you for no reason !
For example, Aaron Rodgers was able to do his discount double check in the end zone and  nobody had a problem. Yet, when Cam Newton did his dab in the end zone white America went Ape Sh*t crazy saying he was embarrassing the team and he was not a good role model for kids.
I know he can't say everything he wants to say but at least acknowledge that racism exists. Just because you refuse to acknowledge racism, that doesn't mean it's not there.